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Frontline: Flea and Tick Spray

By Frontline

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Frontline Spray provides long-lasting, effective control of fleas and ticks on your pet. It kills up to 100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours. Frontline Spray continues killing fleas for an entire month or more.

The active ingredient of Frontline Spray is fipronil, a broad-spectrum insecticide that disrupts the insects central nervous system.

Key Benefits
  • Effective against severe existing flea and tick infestations, and kills chewing lice

  • Effective against all stages of ticks, including deer ticks (the major carrier of Lyme disease)

  • Helps control sarcoptic mange infestations

  • Remains waterproof for 30 days, even if your dog or cat swims or is bathed

  • Safe for Kittens and Puppies 8 Weeks of Age and Older

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Follow these simple steps to provide your dog with protection from fleas and ticks:

  1. Use the FRONTLINE SPRAY dosage calculator to work out the total number of pumps for your dog. The total number of pumps needs to be evenly divided over the 5 areas of your dog’s body, as shown below. Divide the total number of pumps by 5.

    You’ll also find a chart showing doses and weights under the sticky label on the FRONTLINE SPRAY bottle.
  2. Find a well-ventilated space and wear rubber gloves to apply FRONTLINE SPRAY (as it contains isopropyl alcohol). Make sure you can adequately restrain your dog during the application – an extra pair of hands is helpful.
  3. Adjust the FRONTLINE SPRAY nozzle to the desired spray pattern before you start spraying.
  4. Apply against the lay of the hair, ruffling the coat as the spray is being applied, especially in long-haired or densely coated animals.
  5. Holding the bottle upright, apply FRONTLINE SPRAY over the entire body from a distance of approximately 10 to 20cm and ensure the coat is thoroughly wet. Apply an equal number of spray pumps, at the calculated dose, to each of the following 5 areas:
    • Area 1: Left side of the animal. Start at the front left paw and spray up over the front leg, over the side of the chest, abdomen and then down the back leg to the paw.
    • Area 2: Right side of the animal – follow directions as for Area 1.
    • Area 3: Front of the chest, back and rump, and then to the end of the tail.
    • Area 4: Top and side of the neck, head, face and jaw. To avoid spraying into the animal’s face, spray the product onto a soft cloth and gently rub onto the face (ensure the coat under the collar is not missed).
    • Area 5: Bottom of the jaw, neck and chest, the belly and groin and inside all 4 legs, overlapping the areas to ensure total coverage.
  6. After spraying your pet, rotate the spray nozzle to the ‘off’ position to prevent leakage or evaporation of the product.

Please read the FRONTLINE SPRAY label for full administration details and safety directions.

Watch the video on the FRONTLINE SPRAY product page for visual instructions.

Caution: Wear household latex gloves when using Frontline Spray. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals, animals being treated with other pesticides, and debilitated, aged, pregnant, or nursing animals.

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Frontline: Flea and Tick Spray