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Wellness Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food

Wellness Dog Food

The Wellness Dog Food is one of the most well known, highly rated, and frequently raved about dog food brands available in Singapore. They are known for producing high quality, natural dog food and treats with the highest nutritional value possible.

Wellness recipes provides a balance of the finest natural ingredients, for the well-being of your pets. Their number one priority is to product consistently safe, premium quality, natural pet food and treats. They use the highest quality ingredients available and keep rigorously high nutritional and safety standards.

In order to maintain these high standards, Wellness produces their pet food in their own manufacturing plant instead of with a contract manufacturer like many other pet food brands. This gives them the control over their stringent manufacturing standards and rigorous testing procedures, which exceeds FDA and AAFCO standards for pet food. They test both their ingredients as well as the finished product throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that nutrition and safety are never compromised.

Wellness believes that healthy food with good nutrition are the foundation of a long and happy life. Their Dog Food is crafted by nutritionists, veterinarians and dog lovers who share their beliefs. Wellness is nutrition with a purpose.