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Developed by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and one of the world’s leading Ph.D.s in pet nutrition, Fruitables treats are super tasty and smell absolutely irresistible. Fruitables uses selected USA certified organic ingredients like Organic Oatmeal and Organic Molasses to drive natural flavor and efficacy in all of their products. All of their treats are baked in an Organic Certified bakery in USA.

Smell the difference! 

Fruitables treats are truly different. Amazing aromas and tastes that are unlike any pet food today. Combining taste, aroma, texture, and design to create an experience that is as pleasing for you as for your pet family member.

Nature's Superfoods

Discover the amazing health benefits from natural and organic superfoods. Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins A, C, and E…our fruits and vegetables are selected as much for their advanced nutritional benefits as their taste. Superfoods can help your dog live a healthier, fitter, and longer life.