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Allergy Safe Cat Food & Treats

Allergy Safe Cat Food & Treats

Allergy Safe Cat Foods & Treats are safer for cats with allergies by either limiting the ingredients, using novel ingredients or by using hypoallergenic ingredients.

Limited ingredient or single ingredient foods and treats, like the name suggests, limit the ingredients in the treat. This helps pet parents to choose the treat based on what you know your dog is allergic to.

Novel ingredient foods and treats use ingredients like kangaroo, rabbit, buffalo, pheasant, or millet. These novel sources of protein are rarely used in dog food, which means that your dog probably hasn't been exposed to it before and is therefore less likely to cause sensitivities.

Lastly, hypoallergenic ingredient foods are usually prescription or veterinary dog foods which are usually only sold or prescribed by veterinarians. These foods are typically more expensive than even the most expensive non-prescription foods.

Here at, we have a wide range of Limited Ingredient and Novel Ingredient Dog foods and treats for you to choose from. Feel free to chat with us, or leave us a message for any questions you might have.