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Why Does my Pet Stare at the Wall?

Posted by Shawn Goh on

There are countless reasons why your pet might be staring at the wall. Here are 3 of the most common reasons:

1. Your Pet Has Keen Senses

Cats and Dogs have very, very keen senses. Cats can even see spectrums of light like ultraviolet light that human eyes can't perceive. They can even see an insect making its way across the wall, which we might not even notice.

Both cats and dogs have a very keen sense of hearing. They might be able to hear things that you can't, like your neighbour walking across the room, or even just watching TV. Your pet staring at the wall, could actually be them listening intently at what is happening on the other side of that wall.

Cat staring at wall

 2. Boredom

Your pet may actually be bored and just staring at the wall, waiting for time to pass. All pets need some mental stimulation in order to maintain their mental health. If there is nothing mentally stimulating, then an active mind will find things that will stimulate itself. Your pet might start reacting to things that are not really there (similar to a child's imagination). Do not be too alarmed if your pet starts playing with themselves or inanimate objects if there is nothing else to entertain them.

Why does my pet stare at the wall - bored dog

3. Health Problems

While it is not something anyone likes to talk about, staring at the wall constantly can be an indication of a health problem. The problems can be varied from dementia to seizures, to even metabolic problems. If you suspect that your pet may be staring at the wall due to a health issue, do visit a vet to address your concern. 

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