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Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom?

Posted by Shawn Goh on

If you have had a dog for some time, it would be hard not to notice that your dog will follow you almost everywhere you go around the house. Whether you are going to the balcony, the garden, the kitchen, or the living room, your dog will probably come after you when they notice you going somewhere. While it might be nice to have some company wherever you are in the house, sometimes it might get a bit much when your dog follows you to the bathroom. 

So, why do dogs follow their owners to the bathroom?

Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom

Pack Mentality

Dogs are pack animals, and they instinctively stick together for survival in the wild. They will eat together, sleep together, and play together, spending very little time apart, if any at all. This behaviour continues in most dogs even though they have been domesticated for such a long time. When your dog doesn't have you in their sight while you're home, they may feel vulnerable. 

Why does my dog follow me to the bathroom - dog pack

They Don't Understand Privacy

Dogs simply don't understand what privacy is, they just want to stay together. That's why dogs will pee or poo whether they are out in the open, in front of a live audience. They don't see anything wrong with it, except of course unless there are safety concerns. 

Standing Guard

Your dog loves you and wants you to be safe. That means that even when you are in the safe confines of your bathroom, your dog might feel the need to guard you from any potential dangers. This is part of being in a pack, watching each others' back while we do our daily routine. 

Why Does My Dog Follow Me to the Bathroom - standing guard


Dogs tend to be curious about everything, including what you do around the house. Some dogs will watch what you do every day. They will follow you from room to room to see what you are up to, and more importantly, what's in it for them. The bathroom is no different. Your dog wants to see what you are up to in there, and maybe even join in. Oops

How do you deal with it?

Well, this behaviour is mostly harmless and most pet parents don't mind having a little company in the bathroom. But if you really prefer to do you business in private, you can train your dog to sit and stay in their spot (it could be a bed, a mat, or even just an area they feel comfortable in the house). They will wait patiently for your in their spot till you come back and call them. These commands are the most basic commands that you need to teach your dog. If you haven't taught your dog these commands yet, it's time to do it. 

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